Your breakfast at the Manor

We are fortunate to have a baker in the village, which means that every morning we can put fresh bread and croissants on the breakfast table, as well as farmhouse bread and woodcutter’s bread, which know how to fill the early morning snack.

The butter is salty of course, you are in the West!
But sweet butter is also present for those who prefer it. Jams and jellies are “home-made”. Strawberries, plums, redcurrants, quinces are picked in the gardens of family and friends in the department. Blackberries still grow on the edges of paths in the countryside. You will be able to taste the fresh seasonal fruit, especially our grapes if you visit us in late summer, early autumn. If luck is with you and with us, there may also be honey on the table from the hives of my sister Monique, who lives a few houses further up the village. But the bees do well as they want… They are the masters of the harvest… or not….